Acana ingles Beef and Pumpkin Dry Dog Food 12oz{L-x}

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Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Beef & Pumpkin Dog Food - Your Sensitive Pup Deserves More Than Limited Options And Nutrition With Her Limited Ingredient Dog Food. That?s Why Acana Has Crafted The Perfect Limited Ingredient Food In Their
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ACANA Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Beef & Pumpkin Dog Food - Your sensitive pup deserves more than limited options and nutrition with her limited ingredient dog food. That?s why ACANA has crafted the perfect limited ingredient food in their award-winning Kentucky kitchens for all breeds and life stages. Not only will your dog enjoy a highly nutritious diet with fewer ingredients, she will love every meaty bite with 60% premium animal ingredients. ACANA specializes in ensuring dogs get biologically appropriate meals, and ACANA Singles Limited Ingredient Beef & Pumpkin Dog Food is no exception. - Premium Angus beef from local farms supplies the bulk of ACANA Singles Limited Ingredient Beef & Pumpkin Dog Food, giving your dog the benefit of a protein-packed diet. Half fresh and half dried, this meat is loaded with the goodness and flavor that comes from fresh meat, plus extra animal protein from the dried half. Beef liver, fat, tripe and cartilage are also included because they mirror your dog?s ancestral diet and offer an incredible source of natural vitamins and minerals. Wholeprey food ratios make ACANA foods unique, and keep the list of added nutrients short. Getting all her vitamins from her natural food source is sure to give your sensitive friend the best dog food experience possible. - Finishing off this all natural ingredient list is a unique fiber blend of whole lentils and pumpkin. These foods are easily digestible and help maintain the overall health of your canine companion. Unnecessary and potentially allergenic ingredients such as grains, potato and gluten are completely left out of ACANA Singles Limited Ingredient Beef & Pumpkin Dog Food, so there?s more room for the things that help your dog thrive. - With a trusted reputation for 25 years, ACANA goes above and beyond to assure pet owners that every furry family member?s safety is taken seriously. Every bag of dog food is made in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility that only makes ACANA and ORIJEN foods. Nothing is ever outsourced and ingredients come exclusively from trusted suppliers, most of them located in Kentucky?s dynamic agricultural community. ACANA?s kitchens use track and trace technology to keep tabs on where ingredients came from and where they go, maximizing their control of the production process. - When it comes to quality, nutrition, and flavor in a limited ingredient dog food, you won?t find better than ACANA Singles Limited Ingredient Beef & Pumpkin Dog Food. Give it a try today and let your dog be the judge!
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