A & E Cages The Rubber Duck Monster Bird Toy

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Toys are crucial to the mental and physical healthÿof birds.Interacting with a toy not only stimulates a birds? mind, but it also keeps them active and engaged physically.Toys help your bird fulfill instinct by allowing him to chew, shred, and tear. Allowing your bird to chew on toys helps keep his beak in shape, as well.Another instinct that toys fulfill is the need to forage. You can hide your pet's favorite treats inside for added foraging fun!Be sure to choose toys that are appropriate for your birds' size and personality.An adorable rubber duck sits atop this toy which is hung on chain. Six strands of knotted rope hold brightly colored wood slices and spools
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Vibrantly colored combinations of wood, rope and leather that will keep your bird pecking and pulling for hours. Each toy safely clips to the top of the cage.
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