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L & M Bird Food

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L & M animal farms tropical safflower mix for cockatiels is a vitamin and mineral enriched safflower based diet that provides 100% complete nutrition for cockatiels and other small hookbills. Ingredients: safflower seed combined with other seeds and ingredients.




Quality and freshness are the cornerstones of LM ANIMAL FARMS products. Today, LM ANIMAL FARMS provides three lines of main meal bird and small animal diets: Classic, Vita Vittles and Bonanza, each providing a different mix of nutritious grains, fruits and vitamins. LM ANIMAL FARMS has also recently introduced a line of human-quality healthy snacks including Yogurt Soy Nut Surprise, Trail Mixes and exotic-flavored seed sticks. LM ANIMAL FARMS boasts the cleanest manufacturing standards on the market. With a manufacturing plant adjacent to farmland, only the freshest seeds and ingredients are used, enabling our products to deliver their ultimate nutrient value. All of our seeds are inspected at the time they are received, and if our high standards are not met, they are not used. If a seed passes inspection, a three phase cleansing process is utilized to ensure consistent quality.