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Cat Supplements & Medication





Lipiderm for healthy skin and coat, helps stop excess shedding, itching, scratching and flea dermatitis. Lipiderm contains Micellized Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, Vitamins A & E plus Zinc. These nutrients are Micellized using a unique patented process enabling them to absorb rapidly through the cell membranes increasing the overall effectiveness of the product. Micellization increases ingredient absorption as much as five time verses an un-Micellized product.



Our best selling Nutritional Supplements, Hairball Remedies, Vitamins are in stock. We know what your cat needs and can offer you the advice and information to keep your cat healthy an happy. Be sure to see our cat care philosophy for more info. Please don't miss out on our saving, we guarantee the lowest prices online for all brands of Cat Supplements & Medications for our best selling Emergency First Aid Kit. Order those cat supplies right here.


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.Trade Winds Praziquantel Feline Tape Worm Tabs (three 23-mg tablets bottle)

Price : $18.24