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Cat Dishes & Waterers




Omega hungry pet mat cat this uniquely-shaped mat adds a designer's flair to your pets' dining experience. the mats are made of a non-slip material and have a raised outer edge to help contain spills. Omega Paw's uniquely shaped mat adds a designer's flare to a pets feeding area. It has been designed with a raised edge to prevent food or water from spilling onto the floor.



Our best selling Novelty, Cat Waterer, Feeders are in stock. We know what your cat needs and can offer you the advice and information to keep your cat healthy an happy. Be sure to see our cat care philosophy for more info. Please don't miss out on our saving, we guarantee the lowest prices online for all brands of Dishes Waterers for our best selling Food Placemat. Order those cat supplies right here.

Cat Mate

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Cat Mate c50 automatic cat feeder 5 meals in 96 hour period 5 large food bowls twin ice packs

Price : $63.42

Pet Ag

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Replacement nipples 2oz 5pack

Price : $2.70