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Bird Supplies - Bird Pet Products

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Our best selling bird supplies and bird foods, are always dated fresh. We know what your birds need and can offer you the advice and information to keep your pet bird healthy an happy. Be sure to see our bird care philosophy for more care tips. Please don't miss out on our saving, we guarantee the lowest prices online for all brands of bird for our best selling Kaytee L&M, Sun Seed, Pretty Bird and Lafeber bird foods.. Order those bird supplies now.

Garden Kabobs are unique fruit and vegetable holders for your birds. Made of a nontoxic durable acrylic with a stainless steel skewer, and because they are dishwasher safe, they're reusable. Put any kind of fruit or vegetable on the skewer, and your bird will love the challenge of getting its favorite snack.


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.Prevue Cockateil Clean Life 18X18 36in H

Price : $279.44


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.8in1 gravel paper 8x13in gravel paper simplifies cage care. a digestive aid. helps trim birds claws. avoids necessity of handling waste matter.

Price : $2.86


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Price : $79.26

Bird Supplies Bird Products Authenticity Statement:

The bird supplies being sold by Pets Warehouse are Authentic. We purchase our bird supplies from manufacturer approved sources. The bird products we sell are known for their quality and meeting the needs of our clients pets. We take pride in delivering the bird supplies at direct to the customer prices that are targeted to be lower than the competitors. For any questions about bird products and any bird supplies, call our Customer Service Staff. We guarantee that our bird supplies and bird products are made to the highest industry standards.