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Freshwater Aquarium Supplies - Saltwater Fish - Products

Freshwater Aquarium Supplies
Pets Warehouse is a direct importer of fish, corals and aquatic plants, and has been since 1974. Because of our expertise, you can purchase direct the most stress free, well acclimated & cleaners, freshwater aquarium supplies, saltwater aquarium fish, reef corals, live rock inverts aquarium plants, fishes in freshwater and African cichlids. We realize there are others on the Internet marketing live stock, but ask them how long they've been in business.

Do they have a facility to hold & acclimate these specimens? Do they have the knowledge and expertise to keep these animals alive and healthy? Are they merely a home based business with a computer? Imagine your fish bouncing around in the back of a van as they pick up fish from different wholesalers. Pets Warehouse also sells just about anything you may need in the way of tropical fish supplies at great savings. So if you're tired of paying retail prices for your fish and aquarium pet fish supplies, give us a try and NEVER PAY RETAIL PRICES AGAIN !

Saltwater Aquarium Fish Supplies Headquarters

As direct licensed importers of saltwater marine fish, the reef aquarium fish at Pets Warehouse are checked out before there shipped out. Saltwater fish are well acclimated, tanked and eating (not shipped out the day after being imported and still stressed out!) before you introduce them to your salt water aquarium so you can be assured you will receive them in great condition.

Pets Warehouse imports great live rock. All shapes & sizes including branch and slab or shelf. We offer the Live rock two ways un-cured with free store pick up or shipped 2nd day air FREE shipping included. Or we have it fully cure it so it's ready to place into your tank. If you see Fiji aquarium rock at a lower cost it is because it is just re-shipped without curing. Pre-curing is not the same as fully cured. We believe it can't be fully encrusted rock or fully cured live rock for any price lower than ours.

We have acropora, sps, small polyped coral, gorgonian, merulina, pavona, staghorn, seriatopora, Figi acropora, porites, pecinia, pocillopora, elegant, hammerhead coral, colt soft, green finger leather, yellow leather, red mushroom, metallic green mushroom, clove polyp, colonie rock, organ pipe, star polyps, xenia, red brain, melon mushroom, sunflowver polyps, chili sponge, horned coral, candy coral, carnation coral, scolymia.


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.Coralife scientific 50gal salt a high grade scientifically designed salt for the serious reef and fish aquarist. all important nutrients and elements are concentrated into our salt for a truly enriched seawater environment.

Price : $51.64


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Price : $7.12


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.Red sea prism hanging skimmer hang-on design high-efficiency protein skimmer. skim-enhancing two-stage reaction chamber with triple-pass air flow. flow regulator. includes external water pump.

Price : $115.36

Aquarium Supplies Saltwater Aquarium Products Authenticity Statement:

The aquarium supplies being sold by Pets Warehouse are Authentic. We purchase our aquarium supplies from manufacturer approved sources. The saltwater aquarium supplies we sell are known for their quality and meeting the needs of our clients pets. We take pride in delivering the best aquarium products at direct to the customer prices that are targeted to be lower than the competitors. For any questions about saltwater aquarium products and any aquarium supplies, call our Customer Service Staff. We guarantee that our aquarium supplies and products are made to the highest industry standards